ActiveX Modules


This module wraps the Rockwell Software OPC interface, exposing methods and properties in a straightforward fashion. It allows you to easily set OPC server, topic, and item names, and read/write data points or blocks. Requires RSLinx Professional or Gateway on the target server.

Socket Client & Server Modules

Drop a Winsock client or server module into your app without having to add a form and use the MSWinsock control. Quickly set up a simplified Winsock interface for inter-process communication on the same machine, or on different, network connected machines.

Client module can open a listener that allows a single connection, or it can connect to another listener. Allows bi-directional string data transfer over the connection.

Server module opens a listener that allows multiple connections. Each connection receives its own ID that is referenced in communication methods and events. Allows bi-directional string data transfer over the connection.

Listview Module

Simplifies the addition and control of the “Explorer like” up/down arrow in the header columns of the ListView control. Example code shows how to use the ColumnClick event to call the methods as required.

Registry Access Module

Wraps the extremely complex Win32 API calls, giving you a simple interface to the registry. Would you like to save and retrieve registry settings, be able to add and delete keys and values, and do it in areas other than the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ VB and VBA Program Settings subkey? This module is a must for professional application development in the Win32 environment.

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