Sequential Process Control

What do you do when you commission a new plant?
  1. Run around coordinating the efforts of process & controls engineers to make the sequences match the equipment?
  2. Install equipment regardless of whether it can be controlled, hoping the controls engineers will pull it off?
  3. Make the changes to the system as the installation proceeds and tell the controls engineers about it all when they arrive on site to start the plant?
  4. Tear your hair out seeing all the above going on between your site teams, wondering what to do about it?
  5. Use a comprehensive method for communicating, controlling and tracking process system requirements, change and control?

Item #5 above describes our solution

When we commission a plant, we use our unique SequenceMaster™ system.

With SequenceMaster™ we can:

  • Clearly communicate process control requirements between all project teams.
  • Specify exactly the sequential steps required to operate the system, in clear, graphic detail, understandable by process engineers, controls engineers, programmers, plant operators, and managers alike.
  • Create and update control system schematics automatically from instrument & I/O lists, reducing design time by at least 50% and allowing field wiring change releases within minutes of receiving updates to the equipment lists.
  • Program the system in less than 50% of the traditional time cycle.
  • Field test and debug the system in 10% of the traditional time cycle.  Please see testimonial.

Change Management

 Do your processes have change management requirements? Our SequenceMaster™ system can help you with internal  and legal regulatory compliance for tracking process changes.

 With a SequenceMaster™ controlled system, you can:
  • Make sequencing changes easily & quickly, using Sequence Manager.
  • Secure the system to different access levels, requiring proper authentication for each level.
  • View historical listing of every change made, with timestamp and user information.
  • Compare any current or past sequence with any other, and generate reports of differences found.
  • Assure your plant and regulatory inspectors that the process is consistent with current certifications.
     Contact us to find out what ZIO Automation can do for you with our revolutionary SequenceMaster™ system.

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